Preorder Deals: Garza Twins

A Kingdom Beneath the Waves is book 2 of the Garza Twins series by David Bowles, sequel to the award winning The Smoking Mirror. It will be released on 19 April 2016 in hardcover form (laminated cloth bound), and a month later the trader paperback will be on sale.

The Smoking Mirror can be purchased in hardcover or trader paperback form from any good online or bricks and mortar bookseller, or directly from the publisher.

A Kingdom Beneath the Waves hardcover edition can be preordered through the publisher now, and if preordered prior to 10 April 2016, the purchaser will receive their copy close to the time of the release, well before anyone else except those who will be with David on release day.

We also have a special preorder deal for the US only: for those who want to order The Smoking Mirror together with A Kingdom Beneath the Waves in hardcover form, they can click on the following button for a special price of US$29.99:

This offer ceased on the 10th April 2016.

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