Author: David Bowles

photo david bowles

Raised in an ethnically diverse family in south Texas, David Bowles spends most of his days writing, researching, and teaching at a local university. Bowles is author of several books, including Shattering and Bricolage, Creature FeatureMexican Bestiary, and Flower, Song, Dance: Aztec and Mayan Poetry, which was awarded the 2014 Soeurette Diehl Frasier Award for Best Translation by the Texas Institute of Letters.

David joins IFWG Publishing to publish his latest novel, The Smoking Mirror (Garza Twins: Book One), and will continue the series with the publisher.

His short work has appeared in multiple magazines, including Translation Review, Langdon Review of the Arts in Texas, Rattle, Concho River Review, Huizache, Texas Poetry Calendar, Interstice, Out of the Gutter, Eye to the Telescope, SQ Mag, James Gunn’s Ad Astra, Red River Review, Ilya’s Honey, and BorderSenses.


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