About Us

IFWG Publishing is an international, small press specialising in speculative fiction for adults, middle grade and young adult readers. We were founded in 2010 with the mission to support new writers by publishing with the highest standard possible.

In 2013 there was an ownership change and all rights to the former IFWG Publishing was handed to SQ Mag Pty Ltd (ACN: 614 249 795, ABN: 50 614 249 795) an Australian company, and two other businesses were created to operate with what is now IFWG Publishing International (IFWG Publishing Australia and IPI Comics).

The Managing Director and Chief Editor of IFWG Publishing and IFWG Publishing Australia is Gerry Huntman. Aside from being an author himself, he was co-founder of the publishing houses, and has edited over 40 titles (comprising well over 3 million words). He is a full member of Editors Australia, the oldest professional editing peak body in Australia and the Australian Publishers Association. Chris Sequeira is a Director in SQ Mag Pty Ltd and is a Senior Editor in our two publishing imprints and Editor-in-Chief of our comics business (IPI Comics).

IFWG, IFWG Publishing, IFWG Publishing International, IFWG Publishing Australia, IPI Comics, and International Fantasy Writers’ Guild, are all titles copyright SQ MAG PTY LTD, trading as these entities. All material published on this site are copyright SQ MAG PTY LTD trading as IFWG Publishing International, or are reproduced by legal agreement. No material may be used by other parties unless by conditions of fair use.

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