February 2015 Newsletter

Here is the link to our February 2015 Newsletter – it discusses our forthcoming, exciting new titles.

January 2015 Newsletter

Here is the link to our January 2015 Newsletter – it discusses our forthcoming titles, with particular emphasis on Robert Hood’s title, Peripheral Visions.

December 2014 Newsletter

Here is the link to our December 2015 Newsletter – it discusses our chap-ebook series and a new, swashbuckling adventure by our US cousins. Have a happy festive season!

November 2014 Newsletter

Here is the link to our 2015 Newsletter – it has an exciting list of new titles we are going to publish next year!

Newsletter September 2014

Newsletter – Sep 2014 A Word From The Editor September sees IFWG Publishing/IFWG Publishing Australia making good inroads in their scheduled catalogues of new releases for 2014. Already you all will know we have published Star Quake 2 (and boy, what a cover it has), Against The Elements (UK version – again, a great cover), and David…

Newsletter: A Word from the Editor (December 2013)

November was a hectic month for IFWG Publishing/IFWG Publishing Australia and has made up a lot of lost ground from the previous 12 months or so. I would like to share with you some highlights/trends: Firstly, we fully established the IFWG Publishing Australia imprint, and thus far it has published six titles – the ‘reboot’…