Forthcoming Titles

The following titles will be released between now and mid 2024:

May 2023

June 2023

August 2023

September 2023

  • Dream Weaver (young adult historical fantasy, Steven Paulsen)

October 2023

  •  The Hidden Keystone  (book 1 of The Salt Lines series, fantasy, Nathan Burrage)
  • A Vindication of Monsters: Essays on Mary Wollstonecraft and Mary Shelley (edited by Claire Fitzpatrick)
  • Midnight Masquerade (Greg Chapman, collection of horror short fiction)

November 2023

  • Tumblers of Rolan (Michael B Fletcher, Book 2 in the fantasy Masters of Scent series)
  • Ferren and the Angel (Richard Harland, second edition, book 1 of the fantasy/post apocalyptic Ferren Trilogy)
  • Approaching the Source (Cary J Lenehan, book 7 of the Warriors of Vhast epic fantasy series)

December 2023

  • Azathoth and Other Horrors (poetry collection, horror, weird, Leigh Blackmore)

February 2024

  • The Revelationary War (Craig Cormick, book 1 of the Demoniacs series, illustrated contemporary science fiction/fantasy novel)
  • Nightmare Logic (Leigh Blackmore, weird fiction collection)
  • Kat (Michael B Fletcher and Paula Boer, Young Adult science fiction)
  • Cursed Shards: Tales Inspired by Dark Folklore (ed. Leanbh Pearson, anthology of short fantasy fiction)

March 2024

  • A Touch of Death (Shaun Meeks, Book 5 in the Dillon the Monster Dick series, weird, detective noir)
  • The Horror (Seb Doubinsky, literary horror novella)

April 2024

  • Jonty’s Unicorn (Rebecca Fraser, Middle Grade fantasy)
  • The Final Shroud  (book 2 of The Salt Lines series, fantasy, Nathan Burrage)

May 2024

  • Hope’s Song (Larry Ivkovich, fantasy novella)
  • Ferren and the White Doctor (Richard Harland, second edition, book 2 of the fantasy/post apocalyptic Ferren Trilogy)

June 2024

  • Three Curses and Other Dark Tales (Leanbh Pearson, dark fantasy short fiction collection)

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  1. rockbilby says:

    I am very much looking forward to Rebecca Fraser’s, ‘Curtis Creed and the Lore of the Ocean’!

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