Forthcoming Titles

The following titles are committed for 2019, noting there might be adjustments in release order as we get closer to their production schedules. Some titles may appear following contractual obligations.

Jan – Mar 2019

  • Archsage (last book of the Tower series, heroic fantasy, Jesse McMinn)

Apr – Jun 2019

  • Altered Gate (Book 3 of Dillon the Monster Dick series, noir/Lovecraftian Horror, Shaun Meeks)
  • The Second Life of Eddie Coyne (urban fantasy, Louis K Lowy)
  • Sherlock and Doctor Was Not (Holmesian/speculative short story anthology, ed. Christopher Sequeira) Co-published with IFWG Publishing Australia

Jul – Sep 2019

  • Return of the Luminous One (final of the Spirit Winds Quartet urban fantasy series, Larry Ivkovich)

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