Forthcoming Titles

The following titles are committed for 2017, noting there might be adjustments in release order as we get closer to their production schedules. 

Apr – Jun 2017

  • Earthbound and Down (Book 2 of the Dillon, the Monster Dick horror/Lovecraftian/detective series, Shaun Meeks)
  • Orchus Unchained (Book 3 of the Spirit Winds Quartet urban fantasy series, Larry Ivkovic)
  • Yesterday’s Children (sequel to The Devil Came East, crime thriller, Geraldine Fitzsimmons)

Jul – Sep 2017

  • Archsage (book 3 of The Tower series, epic fantasy, Jesse McMinn)
  • The Vitarans (book 4 and last of The Empire science fiction series, Elizabeth Lang)

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