IFWG’s Chapbook Series of Titles

IFWG prides itself for supporting underrepresented authors and less mainstream subject matter/literary styles/experimentation in the speculative fiction fields. A natural extension of this philosophy is the establishment of a ‘Chapbook Series’ of titles, all focused heavily on shorter pieces, experimental or ‘fringe’ in the best possible interpretation of the word, and captivating for readers.

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The following Chapbook Series titles are available/slotted:

Chapbook #1
Black Moon by Eugen Bacon, illustrated by Elena Betti.
This title combines poetic micro fiction with glorious colour illustrations, forming a unique experience for readers. Dark and at times disturbing, a must-read for fans of literary horror or dark fantasy.
RELEASED: 1st December 2020

Chapbook #2
Tool Tales by Ellen Datlow (photography) and Kaaron Warren (micro fiction).
Ellen Datlow and Kaaron Warren teamed up on Facebook a few years ago when Ellen posted photos of antique tools and Kaaron wrote microfiction pieces to accompany them, without either of them knowing what the tools were for. This chapbook collects and preserves their playful interaction for readers to enjoy.
RELEASED: 8 March 2021

Chapbook #3
Stark Naked is Silvia Cantón Rondoni’s intense personal journey. These reflections reveal her transition from childhood through grief and trauma, to the woman of resilience she is today. Illustrated by Silvia Nieto in close collaboration with the poet, her artwork adds visual soul and compliments a collection filled with raw emotion and brutal honesty.

Chapbook #4
Infectious Hope: Poems of Hope and Resilience From the Pandemic is a call out for positivism and resilience during lockdown and isolation. Editor and poet Silvia Cantón Rondoni has curated a poetry anthology that includes a spectacular range of diverse poets from around the globe, and focuses on their insights and strength during the pandemic.

A poetic vaccination of the soul, and a reminder that we are in this together and are stronger than we know. This anthology contains the creativity of 47 poets, including luminaries Fiona Wright, Joe R. Landsdale, Isobelle Carmody, Roz Kaveney, and Linda D. Addison, as well as an introduction by Lee Murray.

Chapbook #5

Morace’s Story by Kaaron Warren. Botanica is the island, but all of Botanica is taken up by the Tree. When Morace and other students set out to walk around the Tree, a five year journey, he has no idea what lies ahead. Little does he know the risks his teacher, Lillah, will have to take to keep him alive, and the dangers he will face himself to save her life.

A young teen companion book to Walking the Tree.

Chapbook #6

In the green days of youth-in another life and in a far land-Jack Dann was invited to participate in Native American religious ceremonies and culture. And in that far country of the past Jack experienced numinous moments and small revelations that changed his life and his art. Some of those distant moments and visceral wisdoms are encapsulated in Poems From a White Heart…a lifetime’s distillation of poems birthed in the ice and fire of a lost America.

Songs From a White Heart is a journey grounded in intensely personal revelations that inspired Jack’s poetry, short stories, and novels such as Bad Medicine, which Locus Magazine described as showing us “that true magics, supernatural moments of both grief and joy, can be found in life itself. You just have to know where to look, and how to invoke them-and Jack Dann is an expert at such things.”


Chapbook #7

Sunset Tales: Haunted Tales of Africa by Biola Olatunde

It is a tradition in Nigeria for stories to be told at sunset. Sometimes the stories concern the supernatural and intend to raise goose bumps. Biola Olatunde, poet, screenwriter and novelist, provides 6 such tales but with an added twist. Each of her stories are insightful studies of aspects of Nigerian society – superstition, sexism, predjudice. They are skillfully wrapped in tales of mystery and the supernatural, in the language of a Nigerian storyteller. While set in West Africa, each tale resonates with every reader from around the world.

This chapbook is a tribute publication to the author, who unexpectedly passed away in 2021.

RELEASED 1 February 2023 world-wide (except North America, 1 June 2023)