New Release: Sunset Tales by Biola Olatunde

In February 2022 our sister press, IFWG Publishing International, announced the passing of Biola Olatunde. She was an early author for our company and we published four amazing novels (now discontinued). Having missed the opportunity to publish a chapbook of her poetry, we have instead now released (Worldwide except North America, where it will be released in June 2023) a chapbook of short fiction with strong ghost themes, and infused with Biola’s Nigerian culture.

We miss Biola Olatunde but are glad to now release her last title, Sunset Tales: Haunted Tales of Africa – one that is not only an excellent read, but also a fitting tribute to her life, which was cut off far too short.

Thanks to Sarah Heard for her sensitive and professional editing of this chapbook, and to Greg Chapman for his wonderful cover.

It is a tradition in Nigeria for stories to be told at sunset. Sometimes the stories concern the supernatural and intend to raise goosebumps. Biola Olatunde, poet, screenwriter and novelist, provided 6 such tales but with an added twist. Each of her stories are insightful studies of aspects of Nigerian society – superstition, sexism, predjudice. They are skillfully wrapped in tales of mystery and the supernatural, in the language of a Nigerian storyteller. While set in West Africa, each tale resonates with every reader from around the world.

Sunset Tales: Haunted Tales of Africa (IFWG Chapbook #7) is now available from all good online and bricks and mortar stores, in print formats only. This will be released through our International imprint in North America on 1 June 2023.

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