Biola Olatunde Titles News

In previous posts we have expressed our dismay at the passing of our Nigerian author, Biola Olatunde at age 70 in 2021. We have also hinted at two events that will soon take place:

  1. All of Olatunde’s titles will be retired at the end of January 2023. We recommend that if you are interested in her contemporary thriller, Blood Contract, or her Numen Yeye spiritual fantasy series, you should purchase them now, as they will be out of print from 1 February 2023. Here is a link all 4 of her titles in Amazon search, and likewise in Book Depository search.
  2. In recognition of Biola’s contribution to IFWG, and as an expression of fondness of her, we have released 6 short ghost stories in a compiled chapbook, that is for sale in print format only. We love these stories, as they don’t just provide us with good old fashioned ghost stories, but are snapshots of Nigerian contemporary society. Sunset Tales: Haunted Tales of Africa will be released in North America in June 2023, and the rest of the world in a few weeks. Stay tuned, and we will offer direct purchase from the publisher so that everyone can see what a talented writer Biola was, and US/Canadian readers can get their copies earlier than the release date.

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