New Release: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde in America by Louis K Lowy


IFWG Publishing is extremely pleased to announce the North American release of Louis K. Lowy‘s thrilling sequel to RL Stevenson’s classic horror novel, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde in America.

“This was an amazingly well researched piece,” said Gerry Huntman, Managing Director IFWG, “and the writing style is well suited to the modern reader, but echoes the prose of the nineteenth century. It was a no-brainer to accept, and the project was a delight to work through, particularly with the aid of Christopher Sequeira, our specialist in Victorian-era literature. We believe readers will be delighted with this release.”

It can now be revealed that the evil and violent Mr Edward Hyde – alter ego of London’s physician Doctor Henry Jekyll – did not die at the conclusion of the classic, Victorian-era case documented by Robert Louis Stevenson. Instead, this malignant criminal not only continued to plague Britons, but soon after set his ambitions for mayhem for other nations; and so headed for the United States.

Follow this story, from bustling New York City to the balmy realms of Florida, where the goodly Jekyll feels the curse of his other persona more than ever before. Witness the tale of Hyde’s influence and monstrous acts increasing and Jekyll soon realising that if he cannot find a way to resolve his bizarre duality he will be forever lost, and the suffering and bloodshed he will have been responsible for having loosed on the new, bright world of America will be a horror unparalleled. For Hyde is a man who can never be caught by authorities as he hides within the form of his maker, and holds that maker’s life to ransom.

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde in America is now available from all good online and bricks and mortar bookstores, in print and ebook formats, throughout North America.

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