New Release: The Christmas Maze by Danny Fahey

In this festive season IFWG is delighted to announce the world-wide release of Danny Fahey’s young teen/middle grade fantasy novel, The Christmas Maze (where hope is found).

As a little boy, Matthew watched as the stranger drive away in the Valiant, with his sister sitting in the passenger seat on their way to get them a puppy. As the Valiant turned the wrong corner, Matthew realised there was no puppy-his sister had been kidnapped. Now Matthew must find and save her. To do that he must solve the Christmas Maze because if you solved the Christmas Maze then all that you wished for would come true. All he wished for was for his sister to be safe and at home.

Of course, finding The Christmas Maze would be the hardest thing he had ever done…

Solving the Maze harder still…

The Christmas Maze is available now world-wide, through all good online and bricks and mortar bookstores, in print and ebook formats.

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