New Release: Bedding the Lamia: Tropical Horrors by David Kuraria

Today, the 3rd December 2021, is an unusual day for IFWG as we are releasing four new titles simultaneously, two of which are in the dark fantasy/horror end of speculative fiction. This doesn’t in any way reduce the quality of these books, and IFWG is certainly proud to announce the release of Bedding the Lamia: Tropical Horrors, by David Kuraria.

Kuraria has become a consistent contributor to IFWG publications over recent years, including in our Cthulhu Deep Down Under short fiction anthology series, as well as Spawn. IFWG was delighted to acquire this collection, both in terms of the quality of writing by Kuraria, but also because it consists of four long fiction pieces, making it a somewhat unique read. We believe that fans of horror and dark fiction will enjoy Kuraria’s collection, and also feel the humidity and forbidding vibe of our tropical climes.

Luke Spooner, yet again, captured perfectly the look and feel of Kuraria’s prose in his cover artwork and design.

David Kuraria is your guide as you push through drenched tropical foliage in the torrential downpour. 

In these tales we see a Melanesian farmer seeking land rights from a dominant tribe. Bearing gifts of persuasion, the farmer find that the tribe’s gods might first need appeasing.

An artist experimenting with narcotics and obscure occult methods inadvertently solicits an unwelcome muse.

A group of holidaymakers travel up a Northern Australian River on a converted war barge. Here brutal colonial past reaches out to ensnare them on a journey into horror.

A survivor of the Christchurch earthquakes takes his deceased grandfather’s diaries to recreate the old man’s equatorial travels. On a tiny Micronesian island he steps into an ‘otherworld’, where any action has blackly comical and unpleasant consequences.

Kuraria guides you through hidden valleys and treacherous swamps. Be careful not to step from the path.

Bedding the Lamia: Tropical Horrors is now available in ebook and print formats from all quality online and bricks and mortar stores.

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