New Release: Heroes of Heresy by Paul Mannering

Today we have released, world-wide, Paul Mannering’s concluding novel in his Drakeforth Series, Heroes of Heresy.

This has been a long and happy journey, where in 2017 IFWG bought the rights to the first two novels of Mannering’s series (which were previously published, Engines of Empathy and Pisces of Fate), and it included clauses to completing the series with two original novels (Time of Breath and this new release).

IFWG fell in love with Mannering’s style of writing and also recognised that there wasn’t enough quality humorous and satirical titles in the speculative fiction field today. We have now come to the last of the series and we feel vindicated in our acquisition. Well done Paul, and long may you continue to entertain us and provide your insights into the human condition through wit!

We continue to be gobsmacked by the cover artwork and design by Luke Spooner.

When Arthurian monk, Habeas Yeast found religion he stopped looking for anything else. Now religion is looking for him.

The recently possessed Vole Drakeforth teams up with Pimola Goosebread, passionate tea-critic and leading research scientist in particle physics. 

Seeking the truth behind the very nature of reality, these unlikely heroes find themselves the target of the world’s most customer-focused professional killers.

This is the prequel you will want to read first, but really need to read last for it to make sense.

Heroes of Heresy is now available in ebook and print formats from all quality online and bricks and mortar stores.

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