Cover Reveal: Approaching the Source by Cary J Lenehan

It is with great pleasure that we can now reveal the front cover of Cary J Lenehan’s upcoming novel, Approaching the Source, book 7 (of 8) in his amazing Warriors of Vhast fantasy (with a smattering of sci-fi) series. It leaves off, of course, from book 6 (Following the Braid). This journey with Lenehan is an amazing one, with fantasy world-building at its finest, commencing with Intimations of Evil (back in 2018).

All of the covers were (and are) beautifully illustrated by our UK artist, Catherine Archer-Wills (the first few were designed by Elizabeth Lang – RIP – and the bulk by Catherine).

Approaching the Source will be globally released through IPG 13th November, 2023.

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