Title: Following the Braid

Following the Braid  begins in the cold sub-Arctic northern seas as the inhabitants of Mousehole continue their war against their foes. The story continues across the continent of The Land on the planet of Vhast, from the frigid seas to the hot and wet south. More is revealed about the background to the world and the events taking place on it.

This story follows on from Intimations of Evil, Engaging Evil, Clearing the Web, Scouring the Land, and Gathering the Strands: the Princess and her wife the mage, the Cat, the ghazi, and the others in the growing village of the Mice increase their influence over the affairs of the continent. Over most of it, the forces of evil are confounded and driven away from their influences over the levers of power.

The Warriors of Vhast series adds science fiction to epic fantasy. It is set on a fabricated world that is used as an experiment in magic by a long-lived alien race. Unbeknownst to most of those below, the Shing-zu struggle with their foe, the Daveen. These struggles extend to the world of Vhast as a battle between good and evil.

  • Following the Braid
  • Warriors of Vhast series, Book 6
  • Author: Cary J Lenehan
  • Australian English
  • ISBN: 978-1-922556-69-1
  • RRP: UK £14.99 AU$26.95 US$18.99 EU €16.99
  • Publisher: IFWG Publishing Australia
  • 338 pages – paperback, English
  • Binding: Perfect bound
  • Dimensions: 229mm x 152mm
  • eBook Formats: There is currently a problem with links – will update soon.
  • Key Words: Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, World-Building
  • Publication Date: 2 May 2022
  • Distributor: World-wide through IPG (IPG specific in North America, New South Books (partner) in Australia/New Zealand, and UID(Marsden/Eurospan) in UK/Europe)