Cover and TOC Reveal: A Vindication of Monsters: Essays on Mary Shelley & Mary Wollstonecraft (ed. Claire Fitzpatrick)

We have been waiting quite a while to post this announcement, mainly due to the complexities of finalising our TOC and the myriad of contracts it entails. It is now with great pleasure that we reveal the makeup of Claire Fitzpatrick’s brilliantly curated collection of essays, A Vindication of Monsters: Essays on Mary Shelley and Mary Wollstonecraft, as well as its front cover.

This project was assisted by a Horror Writers Association grant.

The cover art and design is by one of IFWG’s most talented professionals, Greg Chapman.

And the amazing line up of contributors:

  • Preface by Sara Karloff, actress and Boris Karloff’s daughter
  • Introduction (‘Examining Frankenstein’) by Leslie S. Klinger (editor of the highly-acclaimed New Annotated Frankenstein)
  • Foreword by Lisa Morton, six-time Bram Stoker Award® winner
  • ‘In His Eyes Our Own Yearning: Seeing Mary Shelley and Her Creature’ by Nancy Holder
  • ‘The Maker Remade: Mary Shelley In Fiction’ by Matthew R Davis
  • ‘Beauty And The Grotesque’ by Michele Brittany
  • ‘Mary Shelley And The World Of Monsters’ by Rob Hood
  • ‘An Articulation Of Beauty In The Film ‘Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein’’ by Donald Prentice Jr
  • ‘Mapping The Collective Body Of Frankenstein’s Brides’ by Carina Bissett
  • ‘Marys And Motherhood’ and Preamble by Claire Fitzpatrick
  • ‘Don’t Feed The Monsters’ by Hk Stubbs
  • ‘My Mother Hands Me A Book’ by Piper Mejia
  • ‘A Bold Question: Consent And The Experimental Subject In Frankenstein’ by Octavia Cade
  • ‘Mary Shelley And Percy Shelley’s Fascination With The Creation Myth And Sexual Androgyny’ by Ciarán Bruder
  • ‘Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein And Revenge Killers’ by Anthony P Fergusson
  • ‘Medicine And Mary Shelley’ by Grant Butler
  • ‘Frankenstein’s Language Model’ by Jason Franks
  • ‘Mary Shelley: Pandemics, Isolation, And Writing’ by Lee Murray
  • ‘Mary W And Mary S: A Story With Objects’ by Lucy Sussex

A Vindication of Monsters will be released globally 15 October 2023. Stay tuned for preorder offers.

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