New Release: X-Dimensional Assassin Zai Through the Unfolded Earth by Jason Franks


IFWG Publishing is very happy to announce the North American release of Jason Franks’ science fiction/fantasy/mystery/crime/multiverse mashup novel, X-Dimensional Assassin Zai Through the Unfolded Earth. The cover art and design is by the very talented Daniele Serra.

“Franks’ story was a no-brainer for IFWG,” said Gerry Huntman, Managing Director IFWG, “and it certainly was a pleasure for our staff to work with him through the production lifecycle. Franks always delivers, what with our earlier publication of his fantasy novel, Faerie Apocalypse, this new title, and a soon-to-be revealed project coming in 2023.”

Zai is an international assassin who’s in it for the travel. So, when his new agency starts to send him on assignment to places that do not exist, it’s a dream come true.

Crooked accountants, faerie industrialists, hero scientists, down-at-heels gods, secret police chiefs. A hidden continent colonised by refugees from sunken Atlantis, a secret space station, an aerostatic city-state, a post-apocalyptic Faerie Land, a Britain that has taken the hardest Brexit of all.

Whoever you are, and wherever you hide, X-Dimensional Assassin Zai will find you… but not until he’s taken some happy snaps and tried the local cuisine.

A few happy reviewers:

“Infinitely imaginative, XDA Zai is a twisting tale of travel, adventure and unconventional murder that will have you ripping through the pages.”

— Devin Madson, author of We Ride the Storm

“Multiversal murder? Extradimensional travel through the strange liminal spaces of airports? Mayhem from the mind of Jason Franks? Sign me up.”

— Justin Jordan, author of Luther Strode and Spread.

X-Dimensional Assassin Zai Through the Unfolded Earth is now available from all good online and bricks and mortar bookstores.

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