Cover Reveal: Sunset Tales: Haunted Tales of Africa by Biola Olatunde

IFWG is delighted to reveal the cover of Biola Olatunde’s upcoming chapbook of short fiction, Sunset Tales: Haunted Tales of Africa, by Greg Chapman.

An earlier, ebook-only version of the book was published some years ago by IFWG, but because of Biola Olatunde’s tragic passing in 2021, we decided to honour her with a second edition in our chapbook series – a worthy addition. Biola was first and foremost a poet and script writer, but her prose was considerable and it is only right that we publish some of her dark short fiction in commemoration of her stellar life.

It is a tradition in Nigeria for stories to be told at sunset. Sometimes the stories concern the supernatural and intend to raise goosebumps. Biola Olatunde, poet, screenwriter and novelist, provided 6 such tales but with an added twist. Each of her stories are insightful studies of aspects of Nigerian society – superstition, sexism, predjudice. They are skillfully wrapped in tales of mystery and the supernatural, in the language of a Nigerian storyteller. While set in West Africa, each tale resonates with every reader from around the world.

Sunset Tales, the seventh instalment in IFWG’s chapbook series, will be released world-wide in February 2023 (except North America in June 2023).

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