New Release: Turning of the Seasons: A Dark Almanac by J.S. Breukelaar and Seb Doubinsky

IFWG is ecstatic to announce the world-wide release of J.S. Breukelaar and Seb Doubinsky’s collaborative collection, Turning of the Seasons: A Dark Almanac. The almanac format covers each of the four seasons in a year, with an illustration for each, plus the cover, by the very talented Derek Ford. Priya Sharma provides an excellent introduction.

Turning of the Seasons is a triumph of collaboration, as well as the execution of a modern-form almanac,” said Gerry Huntman, Managing Director of IFWG. “We absolutely fell in love with Breukelaar and Doubinsky’s work, and how they seamlessly worked together. We were first going to publish it as a chapbook, which is our microfiction and poetry platform, but Turning is substantially larger than a typical chapbook, and, to be honest, we believed this work is well suited to ebook formats, along with our print lines. Regardless, we are proud indeed to publish this title and believe it is a ‘must-read’ for many dark and experimental literature readers.”

Seasons have always been connected with the passing of time and the changes of life, inspiring myths, folklore, poems and songs. In this short collection award-winning J.S. Breukelaar and Seb Doubinsky have decided to pay tribute to the old tradition of yearly almanacs, which contained short pieces of lore and traditions. Keeping with the short format, they have renewed the genre by infusing it with a modern-day setting, pushing the boundaries of the folk-horror uncanny into the borders of our cities. A succession of disturbing stories and vignettes, sometimes poetic, sometimes funny, but always gruesome, Turning of The Seasons will surely be an almanac you will never forget.

“Like a Twenty-first Century Bosch and Bruegel, Breukelaar and Doubinsky conjure nightmare vignettes from the bowels of our most ancient unconscious. Turning of the Seasons is a glorious, grisly folk-horror concept album: Fairport Convention’s psychographic ode to Hell.”
– J. Ashley-Smith, Shirley Jackson Award winning author of Ariadne, I Love You

“A fantastical book of stories from two unique voices.” 
– Shirley Jackson Award Winner, Kaaron Warren

“The Turning of the Seasons: A Dark Almanac, by Seb Doubinsky and J. S. Breukelaar, is a compendium of mythic and folkloric short stories and poetry from the realm of the Weird — a delightfully strange, compact presentation by two fine writers.”
– Jeffrey Ford

“J.S. Breukelaar and Sebastien Doubinsky’s voices are distinct but marry perfectly in a stripped back fablesque style. They give us delicacy and brutality. They give us funny.”
– Priya Sharma

Turning of the Seasons is now available in ebook and print formats, world-wide, from all good online and bricks and mortar stores.

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