New Release: Trials (Book 2 of the Tower series) by Jesse McMinn

Fans have been waiting a long time, and now we are pleased to announce the release of Jesse McMinn‘s second book in his Tower series, Trials. We were bedazzled by this upcoming Canadian author’s world building – an absolutely unique world, coexisting with Earth in present time, but saturated with magic and physical laws defying our own understanding of reality. Jeffery Doherty continues his beautiful artwork from Book 1, Loria, in this latest release.


Though little time has passed since Kyle Campbell’s fall into the mysterious world of Loria, its magic has already begun to reshape him. He has flown through the sky in a golden airship, and won a sword from a battle with a goblin chieftain. He is adapting, and his knowledge and power are growing.

However, the danger that shadows him is growing as well. A powerful enemy has learned of his existence, and will stop at nothing to track him down. Kyle needs to find a way home, and quickly. But before he can reach his destination, he is captured by the enigmatic Buors, and brought to their forsaken homeland to await the judgement of their king.

All the while, his relentless pursuers are closing in…

Kyle’s greatest trials are just beginning.

Trials will soon be available in print format from all good online stories, and in ebook format in mid January 2017. Print books can be ordered now direct from the publisher. If you want both books, message us (form at the bottom of this linked page) and we will give you a competitive price.

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