Spotlight: Nick Stathopoulos

With the finalisation of the cover of Peripheral Visions: The Collected Ghost Stories Volume 2 (Robert Hood), we have completed our professional relationship with artist, Nick Stathopoulos. Nick handled the cover artwork and design for all editions of Peripheral Visions (hard cover and both trade paperback volumes), as well as the magnificent internal artwork for the the hardcover, and the signature page for the limited edition.

It would be highly inappropriate for us to leave it at that. We need to say a few words about Nick’s contribution.

Nick is a highly respected artist in Australia, and internationally, with multiple shortlisting in the Archibald Prize as well as the BP Portrait Award 2015 (good luck for the win, Nick!). It is an amazing boon for the speculative fiction industry that Nick has a love for the field, and has contributed his artist effort in book cover and poster designs.

Nick was commissioned to contribute cover art and internal illustrations for the Peripheral Visions editions, initially via his friendship with author Robert Hood. However, this three-way relationship (Nick-Robert-IFWG) blossomed from the first meeting. Blossomed. It was a delight to be part of the roughly 5 month working collaboration, with no small part played by Nick Stathopoulos. A consummate professional, an amazing eye for detail, an uncanny eye for design, and someone who actually contributed to the originality of the product as a whole. It was only appropriate that his signature should be placed alongside Roberts, on the limited editions’ signature page.

The hardcover (and more notably, the limited edition hardcover) is testament to Nick’s work. At Supanova (Melbourne) we sold out on the hardcover edition because anyone who saw it–felt it–couldn’t help but buy it in a fit of awe. It’s that good.

So, it is with this sense of awe, and gratitude, that we acknowledge Nick’s achievement. Thank you Nick! and we sincerely hope that you take out First Place at the BP Portrait Award for 2015!


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