News: Cover Reveal of Chap-eBook, “Haunted Flesh” by Robert Hood

IFWG Publishing Australia is pleased to reveal the Chap-eBook, “Haunted Flesh: Stories of the Living Dead” by Robert Hood. This ebook (only) consists of 35,000 words, the majority of which are zombie-related fiction published by Hood, who is considered the godfather of horror fiction in Australia, and notably an expert on all things ghost and zombie. These are spectacular stories that are hard to find and now collected in a single work.

For a month or two, this chap-ebook is only available as a bonus with the limited, numbered edition offer of Peripheral Visions: The Complete Ghost Stories mega-collection by Robert Hood. Thereafter, stay tuned for the announcement of the ebook released, Number 9 in IFWG Publishing’s chap-ebook series.

Special mention should be given to artist Steve Santiago, horror and dark subject extraordinaire, who designed this creepy cover.

Chapbook 009

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