Cover Reveal: The Gate at Lake Drive by Shaun Meeks

In less than a week IFWG Publishing (international) will be releasing its first horror title, The Gate at Lake Drive, by Canadian author, Shaun Meeks. It is the first of the Dillon the Monster Dick series, with a distinctive noir detective style (hence the series title), meshed with horror. As an added bonus, we have included a short story, ‘The Undergarment Eater’, whose protagonist is the same detective, Dillon.

We secured the artistry and skills of Steve Santiago for the cover, and are keen indeed to share with everyone. Below is the atmospheric front cover, as well the full spread for your eyes’ delight.


The Gate at Lakes Drive front cover


The Gate at Lakes Drive full wrap

Stay tuned and the print and ebook editions will be released very soon.

The following is a taste of what’s in store:

Meet Dillon, the Monster Dick. He’s a detective of sorts, a man hired to hunt down things that have come into our world that have no right to be here. Whether it’s a monster made up of paint cans and rags, spirits that hide in carpets, or animals possessed by demons, Dillon will dispatch them as soon as he finds them.

His new job is up in northern Ontario, where the mayor has hired him to deal with creatures that seem to be coming from a whirlpool in the middle of the lake. When he hears this, he’s more worried than he’s ever been. In all the years Dillon has been a hunter, he’s never once heard of a flock of monsters coming into this realm.

Dillon heads there with his new friend, Rouge Hills, and finds nothing is what it seems. It’s not just one type of monster, but something far worse trying to be born into our world. The odds are stacked against him, but since the money is good, there’s no turning back.

It might be a little long…

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