News: Dragon Hunter, chap-ebook by MF Burbaugh

Every once in a while IFWG Publishing chooses to publish in ebook format only, a short work by one of its authors. It may be set in the world created in larger work, or it might simply be stand alone. We support our authors and enjoy these ‘mini breaks’.

Today we have released MF Burbaugh’s mature piece, Dragon Hunter, a short story that’s gritty indeed.


A noted historian receives a package and stumbles on a tale from the age of Dragons.

So begins the story of David, the Dragon Hunter.

On the surface it tells of David and his companions’ exploits, but more than anything else, it depicts the grittiness and courage needed to hunt drakes. These warriors live their lives to the fullest, one day at a time.

This chap-ebook will be available from all good online stores over coming days, but can be purchased immediately from our chap-ebook store.

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