News: Elizabeth Lang at Four Author Readings, Regina Beach

Regina Beach 20140112-6Elizabeth Lang writes to us:

On Sunday, January 12th, the Regina Beach Library hosted an author reading at their South Shore Library and Art Gallery Branch. The weather was gorgeous compared to the past week and the roads were good. There was a great turnout for a small town with many enthusiastic listeners.
It was an enjoyable, relaxing afternoon with coffee, tea and biscuits. Mary Balogh, the headliner, an award-winning author and multiple NY Times Bestselling author, gave a wonderful reading of her latest romance novel. Annette Bower shared a few scenes from a touching novel that explores society’s views on those who are weight-challenged, and I read the exciting first chapter of The Andromedans.
There’s nothing quite like having people erupt into applause when you’re finished reading. The Regina Beach crowd was friendly and very appreciative and everyone enjoyed mingling afterwards. The Library picked up copies of all of our books to add to their collection.
It was a wonderful day. Thank you to all the folks at the Regina Beach Library and those who attended the reading!
Here’s the flyer that went around, advertising the event:
Author Readings

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