News: New Cover for Circle of Seven

As part of our internal improvement program, IFWG Publishing has rereleased one of its early fantasy fiction titles: Circle of Seven by MF Burbaugh. The key change was improving its cover – Elizabeth Lang, of EL Design, has done a great job capturing one of the exciting scenes of the novel, and portraying the youth and power of the very young female protagonist.

Circle of Seven reboot front cover

Circle of Seven is a delightful story, and don’t be fooled thinking this is a novel for children or young adults. It isn’t, although young adults would no doubt enjoy it. The protagonist is a child but she is caught up in some of the horrors of life, and the politics and war on a fantastical planet. It starts as a science fiction, but it quickly, inexorably transforms into a heroic fantasy. This is a unique tale, and worth reading.

The storyline reads:

After being kidnapped by pirates, a young earth girl, Myra, finds herself on a strange planet full of magic, hate, and ancient prophesies. Befriended by a Dwarf Princess, she struggles to understand her environment or die.

War looms on the horizon as Elves, Dwarfs, Dragons, and others face the reality of an ancient judgment to come.

This is the story of pirates, death, war, magic, and ancient prophesies. Myra may hold the key to their planet’s destiny in her tiny hands as she struggles to fulfill the ancient writings and stay alive.

Circle of Seven will be out in its new form in a few days, and can be purchased from all good online book stores, print and ebook formats. It can also be purchased now through IFWG’s bookstores: PRINT and EBOOK.

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