News: New Children’s Book: Sea Lily by Brooke Breazeale

We are pleased to announce the release of Sea Lily, a delightful children’s book, written by Brooke Breazeale and wonderfully illustrated by David I Faust. It is in full colour.

Sea Lily Front Cover

Ella Elizabeth is a spirited nine year old. One rainy afternoon, her world is turned around. She is pulled into a world below the surface of the sea and sees amazing things that she only had previously read about.

Ella Elizabeth meets Tearuslee, a mermaid servant. Together, they set off to find a rare flower called the Sea Lily to help rescue Tearuslee’s people. They team up with two fabulous sea creatures and set off to find the mysterious flower.

Although there are many trials, will Ella Elizabeth and her friends find the flower in time?

The title should be available in all good online stores in the next few days, and can NOW be purchased direct (including wholesale by retailers) from IFWG Publishing.

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