News: Holiday Reading Discount: Biola Olatunde

The Christmas and New Year holiday period is a notoriously slow period for sales and also a time where we all want to lay back on our couches, beach chairs, or equivalent, and enjoy good books.

IFWG Publishing is pleased to announce the first of a number of discount offers for the holiday period. Biola Olatunde is a Nigerian writer and poet who has two titles published through our company.

Front Cover Blood Contract 2
Blood Contract is not just an adventure set in the dangerous swamps of the Niger Delta, it is also the story of a man who is imperfect and must finally find some reconciliation with his past. Most of all, Biola Olatunde provides the reader with a vivid social commentary of the lives and challenges of those who live in this most neglected of corners of the earth.

Numen Yeye is about two worlds, inextricably interconnected. Numen Yeye is a princess in the Kingdom of Light, and her spirit is channeled through a young girl called Ife, who lives in a Nigerian village. It is a story about Ife’s discovery of her meaning in life, despite her growing, special abilities. It resonates with each and every reader. It is universal in theme.

We have heavily cut the price of both of these books, and have given US, UK, Canadian and Australian residents purchase buttons. Paypal and standard postage only. There are also options for readers in other geographies to provide details in a form and we will provide a prompt return quotation.

Blood Contract Store Page

Numen Yeye Store Page 

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