News: Holiday Reading Discount: Paper Magic

We are joining with our US company in providing discounts for selected titles in our catalog, during the Holiday period. The first for IFWG Publishing Australia is Paper Magic, a wonderful illustrated children’s novel by Jeffery E Doherty. Go to Paper Magic’s store page and click for a Pay Pal purchase, standard shipping price. If you are form a different geography, there is a link there that allows you to seek a quotation – which will be commensurate with the discounts given on that page.

Paper Magic Cover E-Book with quote

Paper Magic is a story about finding courage, facing challenges and overcoming self-doubt. It is about the power of friendship and discovering you don’t need magic to be worthwhile.The park calls to Marina. It tugs at a place deep in her chest but the thought of meeting the children who play there sends her into a breathless panic.

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