Welcome to IFWG Publishing

We have recently moved to this new platform, and so we hope that you have patience with us while we tweak it here and there. Please visit our title entries and our store pages – it’s not too late for Christmas!

IFWG Publishing has been operating for over three years and we are proud of our record. This site will provide you with details of our current catalogue of titles, as well as our plans for the future. As our pool of new titles gets filled very quickly, we only periodically open our pipeline for general fiction submissions, or sometimes specific calls.

We support new writers on the main, and we hope that you will consider purchasing a few of our titles, and be amazed at what talent can be found in this small, independent publishing market.

This site replaces our old web site, as well as our old blog site. Old blog entries can be found in our ‘Home/Blog Archive’ menu link.

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