News: Release of Brumbies by Paula Boer

Happy to announce the re-release of Brumbies, first book of the Brumbies Series, by Paula Boer, and illustrated by Rowena Evans.

Our US company first published Brumbies, and the sequel, Brumbies in the Snow over the last few years, but with the creation of IFWG Publishing Australia, it was a natural, sensible move to have our imprint publish the entire series (Australian content, author, etc). We took the advantage of this transition to revamp the covers, and make the covers and look-feel of the internal design, to be consistent throughout the series. We are gobsmacked by how good they look now.

Brumbies in the Snow will be re-released in the next few weeks.

Revamped front cover Brumbies


When city girl Louise moves to the country, she discovers the mountain brumbies are to be killed for pet food. She and Ben, a local farm boy, determine to save as many of the wild horses as they can. Despite opposition, they arrange a muster, but nothing goes according to plan. Following in the hoof-prints of “The Silver Brumby” and “The Man from Snowy River”, this horse-packed adventure encounters challenges through some of the toughest territory in Australia.

This title will be available in online book stores starting from next week, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. The updated ebook edition will be out in the same time frame.

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