News: Brumbies in the Mist is published

Happy to announce that the third book in the Brumbies series, Brumbies in the Mist, has been published. It will, over the next coming days, be available in print form in all good online retailers. The ebook formats will be available in the same timeframe. We are busily revamping the first two books, Brumbies, and Brumbies in the Snow, and they will be published over coming weeks.

Brumbies in the Mist test 001f-cover

Thawing snow threatens Crowhurst with flooding and the wild horses are missing from the mountains. As the community struggles to protect their homes, disaster strikes for the Naylors. Ben and Louise are separated, and are each trying to take care of their own brumby’s troubles. The disappearance of the herds remains a mystery until the friends make a worrying discovery.


We will provide more details as they come to hand.


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