Cover Reveal: Azathoth and Other Horrors by Leigh Blackmore

IFWG is very pleased to reveal the cover of Leigh Blackmore’s collection of poetry, Azathoth and Other Horrors, beautifully rendered and designed by UK-based Luke Spooner. What makes this cover somewhat unique is the inclusion of the words inscribed on a book central to the collection, but the absence of the formal title and poet (the back cover and the title page brings it down to what it actually is). We love this conceit.

Leigh Blackmore – widely-published poet and writer, also a musician & occultist – is considered the leading expert on horror & supernatural fiction ‘Down Under,’ dubbed ‘Mr Horror’ by the Australian press. A past President of the Australian Horror Writers Association, he edited for them Midnight Echo Issue 5 (2011). He edited Terror Australis magazine (1987-92) and its subsequent book anthology (1993). He is a four-time Ditmar Award nominee (once for fiction & thrice for criticism) and has published the collection Horrors of Sherlock Holmes (2018).

We will reveal more about this collection in coming months.

Azathoth and Other Horrors will be released globally on the 5th December 2023.

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