Cover Reveal: Demoniacs by Craig Cormick

IFWG is very pleased to reveal the cover of Craig Cormick’s upcoming novel, Demoniacs (The Revelationary War: Book 1 ), which we greedily snapped up in 2022 because it blends what is a rare combination: narrative interspersed with vignette (but essential) mini-comics. While mashing narrative and graphics is common, it is much less so to have these small comics seductively (and critically support) the narrative. We commend Craig to have such inspiration and courage.

Evie Mickelson really knows what a bad day is. It’s the type of day that you discover your father is a demi-god, or angel maybe, and that you have been thrust into an eternal battle between the forces of good and evil, with the expectation that you are going to be the one to kick evil-ass and bring home a victory for the forces of good. Or a loss, if things don’t go too well.

Demoniacs is not your average urban fantasy, road-trip novel, of smart-arse ninja demons and world-weary angels battling for control of the world and everyone in it. Expect the unexpected!

Dr Craig Cormick OAM is an award-winning author and science communicator. He has published over 30 books for adults and children, and has been a Writer in Residence in both Malaysia and Antarctica. He has a PhD in Creative Writing and is a graduate of the Yale Writers’ Conference.

The cover art was beautifully crafted by Jan Scherpenhuisen, and the complementary design by Greg Chapman. We believe it captures much of the spirit of the novel, and more importantly, allows the surprises to still be thrust on the reader.

We will reveal more about this collection in coming months.

Demoniacs will be released globally on the 12th February 2024.

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