New Acquisition: Quake City by Deryn Pittar

IFWG is very pleased to announce the acquisition of Deryn Pittar’s young adult post-apocalyptic novel, Quake City, sequel to her well-received The Carbonite’s Daughter.

“We have been on a most enjoyable journey with Pittar,” said Gerry Huntman, Managing Director of IFWG. “When we published our long-running SQ Mag online journal, we had an annual short story contest – Pittar won the 2014 award with her short story, ‘The Carbonite’s Daughter‘. It became clear some time afterwards that she was enamoured with the world she created, along with its inhabitants: we published the novel-length version of the short piece in February 2022. It was also not surprising that Pittar came to us with a sequel, and it certainly delivers the goods.”

Deryn Pittar has published Sci-Fi, fantasy, futuristic and contemporary romance, loves writing short and flash fiction, and is an occasional poet. She belongs to SpecFicNZ and the Romance Writers of N.Z. She reads and critiques for fellow authors and listens to their advice in return.

In 2020 she gained fourth equal with her sestina ‘Australia’ in the Frank DiBase International Poetry contest.

Her dragon novel Lutapolii – White Dragon of the South is a prize-winning fantasy, winning a Sir Julius Vogel Award at Geysercon in 2019 for Best Young Adult published in 2018. She also won the short fiction contest at Geysercon with ‘Hendrik’s Pet’.

In 2014 she won a ‘Punk’ fiction prize with her short story ‘The Carbonite’s Daughter’, which became the inspiration for her novel of the same name, published in 2022.

This title will be released world-wide in August 2024.

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