IFWG Publishing Announcement

We had announced ten days ago that IFWG had signed a contract with Independent Publishers Group (IPG, based in the US) for world-wide distribution rights. This new announcement provides a little more information about the deal, and also what it means for us, our authors and readers, in coming months.

IFWG previously had global distribution by way of three distributors – IPG for North America, Gazelle Book Services for UK/Europe and some smaller regions, and Novella Book Distributors for Australia. Our new exclusive global deal with IPG means that we have dozens of partners to distribute through but the most important are: IPG in North America (no effective change), UID (United Independent Distributors, based in the UK, and through them, Eurospan – all owned by IPG), and for Australia and New Zealand IPG is partnered with New South Books. For us, this represents a ‘single portal’ arrangement for our publishing effort, but to a much broader and deeper reader audience.

Our comic book and graphic novel business, IPI Comics, is untouched by these deals and changes.

Our two-imprint book publishing model is no longer viable (IFWG Publishing Australia and IFWG Publishing International) and in coming days/weeks we will be gradually removing IFWG Publishing Australia’s content, as IFWG Publishing International is the imprint that runs through IPG. Social media sites and other branding entities will follow suit. Where we had two sites in most social media apps, we will become one, for example. Our two web sites will become one. We will be using the ‘IFWG Publishing International’ business name for legal and official purposes, while informally we will use ‘IFWG Publishing’.

There will be some disruption – some of our new titles will be delayed to ensure they dovetail seamlessly into our new distribution networks (newsletters, catalogues, inventory etc). We anticipate that the majority of changes will settle into the new, improved routine within a few months, and certainly by the last half of 2023.

We are excited by these changes as it means very real growth for our company, and certainly better opportunities for sales for our authors and editors.

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