Tribute to Biola Olatunde: Sunset Tales

biola 001

Some months ago we were shocked to find out that one of our early and talented authors, Biola Olatunde, had passed away. Even after all this time, we are still shaking our heads with the thought of her not being with us any more.

A tragic dimension to Biola’s passing is that we had commissioned her to supply us with a set of new poetry, to add to our critically acclaimed ‘chapbook series’. This, unfortunately, will never eventuate.

Biola’s existing catalogue with us consists of a stand-alone novel, Blood Contract (an insightful treatment of the clash of tribal versus ‘modern’ city life in Nigeria), a Nigerian contemporary fantasy trilogy (Numen Yeye, Rose of Numen, and Numen! – interfacing Nigerian society with the complex mythology of the land). We had also, briefly, published an ebook ‘chapbook’, titled Sunset Tales, which was a small collection of short stories with supernatural elements to them.

IFWG has decided to cease the four novels with effect 1 January 2023 – they have had a long run with us and they are nearing the end of meaningful sales. We are hoping that anyone who had intended to purchase one of more of these titles might take advantage of the availability of these titles until the end of the year. Likewise we are hoping that she can attract new readers for this brief time.

We also want to do something tangible to pay tribute to Biola, especially since we were not able to publish her poetry. The obvious answer to this challenge was to reissue Sunset Tales in print format only, as part of our Chapbook Series. We believe she deserves to be in the company of the many fine authors and poets of that series. We want her work to be read for years to come. IFWG will release this chapbook in February 2023, in a revised edition format. We believe many readers will be impressed with her ghostly and supernatural tales set in Nigeria.

Stay tuned for more information about Sunset Tales, in coming months.

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