New Acquisition: Dawn of the Zombie Apocalypse by Lee Murray

We in IFWG are excited to announce the signing of Lee Murray’s juvenile fiction piece, Dawn of the Zombie Apocalypse – the subject matter being self-evident!

Lee has been associated with IFWG for a long time and we have published her short fiction through a number of publications – we are thrilled to step it up to a novel.

We are expecting to publish the novel around mid 2019.

Lee Murray travelled by overnight train on Christmas Eve when she was three. Although she was worried, Father Christmas still found her, and left her a shiny new ukulele which Lee plans to learn to play as soon as she runs out of stories to write.

A multi award-winning author and editor (Australian Shadows, Sir Julius Vogel), Lee’s stories for young people include Misplaced, Conclave 7, Mika (with Piper Mejia), and best-loved middle grade adventure Battle of the Birds, which was listed in the Best Books of the Year 2011 by New Zealand’s Dominion Post. Her books for adults include the military thrillers Into the Mist and Into the Sounds (Severed Press) and supernatural crime-noir series Path of Ra co-authored with Dan Rabarts (Raw Dog Screaming Press). She lives in the sunny Bay of Plenty with her three favourite humans and a cute but very disobedient dog.

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