PREORDERS: Perfect Little Stitches and Other Stories by Deborah Sheldon

Perfect Little Stitches text option 3-2

A while ago we posted this wonderful cover of Deborah Sheldon’s upcoming horror/dark fiction collection, Perfect Little Stitches and Other Stories. We are now pleased to announce its release date: 1 September 2017, and preorders are now available.

This book is a collection of twenty-one dark fantasy and horror stories which are mysterious, creepy, and disturbing.

– A funeral director, who steals body parts for cash, takes delivery of an unusual corpse
– The crew of a nineteenth-century fishing boat encounters an unknown but irresistible danger.
– A dog-sledder on a secret mission in Antarctica fights for his life against the monsters that have fuelled his every nightmare since the Vietnam war.

…and much more.

This link takes you to the print shop for preorders – books will arrive just prior to release.

This link takes you to the title page, which has further links to online ebook stores for preorders. Kindle is now available, and in coming days other formats will also be available.

Table of Contents:

Perfect Little Stitches
When This You See, Think of Me
In The Company of Women
Across The White Desert
Sarah Jane Runs Away With the Circus
What the Sea Wants
The Sundowners
Flight Path
A Faithful Companion
Will o’ the Wisp
Fair-Haired Boy
Species Endangered
Nocturnal Fury
A Haunting in Suburbia
Griselda Gosh
The Brightest Place
Angel Hair
Stagecoach From Castlemaine
Delirium of Negation
Post hoc ergo propter hoc
The Again-Walkers (a novelette)


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