Print Preorders: The Grief Hole by Kaaron Warren



Kaaron Warren’s masterpiece of dark fantasy and horror, The Grief Hole, will be released and launched on 27 August 2016 (Australian Eastern Standard Time). IFWG Publishing Australia had offered preorders for both the Trade Paperback and Cloth Bound versions.

Trade Paperback offer has expired wef 20 September 2016 Australian Eastern Standard Time. Orders can be made from release day – 27th September 2016 Australian Eastern Standard Time.The Cloth Bound offer has expired wef COB 20th August 2016 Australian Eastern Standard Time. Orders can be made from 27th August 2016 Australian Eastern Standard Time.

There are many grief holes.

There’s the grief hole you fall into when a loved one dies.

There’s another grief hole in all of us; small or large, it determines how much we want to live.

And there are the places, the physical grief holes, which attract suicides to their centre.

Sol Evictus, a powerful, charismatic singer, sends a young artist into The Grief Hole to capture the faces of the teenagers dying there. When she inevitably dies herself, her cousin Theresa resolves to stop this man so many love.

Theresa sees ghosts; she knows how you’ll die by the spirits haunting you. If you’ll drown, she’ll see drowned people. Most often she sees battered women, because she works to find emergency housing for abused women.

She sees no ghosts around Sol Evictus but she doesn’t let that stop her. Her passion to help, to be a saint, drives her to find a way to destroy him.

 “It takes a writer of Kaaron Warren’s talent and imagination to unflinchingly convey the horrors of the real world. The Grief Hole is one of the most effective and affecting ghost stories I’ve ever read.”

– Jeffrey Ford, multiple international award-winning fantasy author

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