New Release: Drums & Power Lines by Rowena Evans

The production process was faster than we thought, and it is with great pleasure that we announce the release of Rowena Evans‘ young teen/young adult novel, Drums and Power Lines. As we stated in our ‘sneak peak’ a few days ago, this is a unique fantasy-bordering-on-science fiction novel for young teens to adults, set in an Australian country town. It would be a spoiler to say anything more.

Drums and Power Lines will be officially launched at Harry Hartog Bookshop in the ACT on 13th February, alongside two other juvenile book releases, and much more! If you are in the Canberra region on the 13th of next month, keep your eyes glued to this website and our Facebook page.


It must have been the drumming that woke him. Why did he feel so uneasy? Phil was gone.

“I thought you’d never see me.”

Ivan took a step back, tripped, and sprawled on the ground. A girl was perched on a small platform near the top of the pole.

“We have to go. Now.”

Ivan wants to get away from his life and the small town where he lives, and finds himself in a place where everything is disturbingly the same, and yet unnervingly different. Cassie thinks Ivan is clueless, while he thinks she’s the prettiest – and most annoying – girl he’s ever met.

Meanwhile the sensitive Reenie and the enigmatic Phil have other complications to untangle. Ivan, Cassie, Reenie and Phil will have to do a lot of thinking, motorbike riding and taking the unexpected in their stride, and will need to draw on courage they didn’t know they had, before they can find what is lost and get to where they want to be.

An adventure/fantasy story for high school aged readers to adults.

Drums and Power Lines will be soon available at all good online print and ebook stories worldwide, but in the meantime you can purchase it direct from the publisher.

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