News: Release of The Andromedans, 3rd volume in The Empire series

IFWG Publishing is very pleased with the release of The Andromedans, Elizabeth Lang‘s latest instalment in The Empire series, an action-packed science fiction, with a dash of romance. To celebrate this release, we lowered the price of ebook versions of The Empire, the first book in the series, to an almost give-away, 99c. Try it; you’ll love it…and you’ll want more.

Andromedans_BookCover6x9_Cover Only

Sometimes you have to lose yourself to find out who you really are.

After being kidnapped by a bounty hunter and getting mixed up with a band of rebels, Adrian and Kali are finally together. They find a quiet corner of the galaxy to live in peace and…who are we kidding…

Just when they think it’s safe, the unthinkable happens. Adrian, a brilliant scientist who prides himself on the perfect mind, loses everything. Kali has to revisit something she abhors in order to save him, and this time the stakes are even higher. Not only does Adrian’s life hang in the balance but the survival of two galaxies.

Just who are these Andromedans and why are they willing to go to such lengths to destroy humanity? What do they want with Adrian? And who is crazy enough to go to the Andromedan galaxy to rescue him?

Available from all good online bookstores, or direct from this site (print and ebook).


For those who are new to The Empire series, here are the first two books:

Empire cover only 2015

Book 1: The Empire. Visit the title page for more information. Note the 99c offer for ebooks!

Front cover The Rebels

Book 2 The Rebels. Visit the title page for more information.

Coming soon, Book 4: The Vitarans.

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