News: Special eBook Offer for the Brumbies Series

To celebrate the release of the final volume of the Brumbies series of children’s books, IFWG Publishing will be offering a series of sliding offers over coming months. Click on the covers for details on each title.

Revamped front cover Brumbies Brumbies in the Snow Cover Brumbies in the Mist test 001f-cover Brumbies Outback v3 front cover 9781925148596-Perfect-green cover only

12 December 2014

All five volumes of the series can be purchased in ebook format for US$19.99, which is a 20% saving from recommended retail prices.

EPUB format
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Kindle-compatible format
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Mid-December 2014

3D 5 Brumbies books 002

We will be offering a very special discount offer for the series in print format – anywhere in the world.

Early 2015

We are looking to a signed series and possible slip-case edition of the series. Stay tuned.

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