Cover Reveal: Cursed Shards: Tales of Dark Folklore edited by Leanbh Pearson

IFWG is very pleased to reveal the front cover of our upcoming fantasy anthology, Cursed Shards: Tales of Dark Folklore, edited by Leanbh Pearson. This is an exciting project for us as it gives us the opportunity to showcase excellent fantasy writers in a themed anthology title.

The cover art and design was beautifully rendered by Greg Chapman.

As a reminder from our previous post, the following is the table of contents:

The Table of Contents is:

FOREWORD – Kirstyn McDermott (Australia)
THE CURSED HUNT – Leanbh Pearson (Australia)
TATTERMOG – Louise Pieper (Australia)
THE WITHERED – Mendel Mire (Australia)
THE PHANTOM QUEEN – K. B. Elijah (Australia)
LADY MARIAN’S GAMBIT – Clare Rhoden (Australia)
THE STRENGTH OF BONES – McKenzie Richardson (USA)
ONCE UPON AN AUTOMATON – Nikky Lee (New Zealand)
DESTINY – Kimberly Rei (USA)
THE WRAITH OF MURKDRES – Stephen Herczeg (Australia)
THE LADY OF STRANGENESSE – Leife Shallcross (Australia)

Cursed Shards: Tales of Dark Folklore will be released globally on the 27th May 2024.

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