Forthcoming IFWG titles: to June 2024

With IFWG’s significant step-up in its distribution network, and transition to the network’s scheduling requirements, we have had to make changes to our title release dates. Here is the link to our Forthcoming Titles page, to keep up to date. A snapshot is as follows:

May 2023

  • Killer Creatures Down Under: Horror Stories with Bite (ed. Deborah Sheldon, Australian creature horror short fiction anthology)

June 2023

  • Tide of Stone (Kaaron Warren, reprint of her 2018 classic)

August 2023

  • Rest in Pieces (collection of horror fiction, Anthony Ferguson)

September 2023

  • Dream Weaver (young adult historical fantasy, Steven Paulsen)

October 2023

  •  The Hidden Keystone  (book 1 of The Salt Lines series, fantasy, Nathan Burrage)
  • An exciting essay collection – details soon
  • Midnight Masquerade (Greg Chapman, collection of horror short fiction)

November 2023

  • Tumblers of Rolan (Michael B Fletcher, Book 2 in the fantasy Masters of Scent series)
  • Ferren and the Angel (Richard Harland, second edition, book 1 of the fantasy/post apocalyptic Ferren Trilogy)
  • Exciting horror anthology to be announced
  • Approaching the Source (Cary J Lenehan, book 7 of the Warriors of Vhast epic fantasy series)

December 2023

  • Azathoth and Other Horrors (poetry collection, horror, weird, Leigh Blackmore)

February 2024

  • The Revelationary War (Craig Cormick, book 1 of the Demoniacs series, illustrated contemporary science fiction/fantasy novel)
  • Nightmare Logic (Leigh Blackmore, weird fiction collection)
  • Kat (Michael B Fletcher and Paula Boer, Young Adult science fiction)
  • Cursed Shards: Tales Inspired by Dark Folklore (ed. Leanbh Pearson, anthology of short fantasy fiction)

March 2024

  • A Touch of Death (Shaun Meeks, Book 5 in the Dillon the Monster Dick series, weird, detective noir)
  • The Horror (Seb Doubinsky, literary horror novella)

April 2024

  • Jonty’s Unicorn (Rebecca Fraser, Middle Grade fantasy)
  • The Final Shroud  (book 2 of The Salt Lines series, fantasy, Nathan Burrage)

May 2024

  • Hope’s Song (Larry Ivkovich, fantasy novella)
  • Ferren and the White Doctor (Richard Harland, second edition, book 2 of the fantasy/post apocalyptic Ferren Trilogy)

June 2024

  • Three Curses and Other Dark Tales (Leanbh Pearson, dark fantasy short fiction collection)

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