New Acquisition: Hope’s Song, a novella by Larry Ivkovich

IFWG is pleased to have just acquired Larry Ivkovich’s novella, Hope’s Song, an amazing flight of imagination, that bridges science fiction and fantasy. We have the pleasure of having Ivkovich’s work in our current catalogue, and welcome this exciting new addition.

The Dimensional Veil always protected the Gaia American Union. It cordoned off the Earth from other branches of the vast multi-dimensional realm the Tech-Mages defined as the multiverse. Then the shape-shifting Kuronts came, who the Indigenes called Demons, who the Outlanders dubbed Eelees. Breaching the Veil with their blue-fire, the Kuronts poured through those broken gateways to ravage the Earth.

In this war-torn world of 1872 America, Miriam Kosanavic fights back by serving as Nurse Matron on the hospital train, Aesculapius, tending to wounded soldiers and refugees. Sky Wolf, a Lakota Demon Hunter, and his spirit-brother, the white cougar Torra, survive by tracking and killing Kuronts for bounty. Jom, escaped prisoner of the Kuronts, struggles to be accepted as fully human and not some traitor or spy. And Hope, the young girl who could no longer sing, her gift silenced by fear and loss.

All brought together by a will to succeed, a common purpose—to make the world a place where both humans and Kuronts can live in peace.

Author Photo

Larry Ivkovich’s speculative fiction has been published in over twenty online and print publications. He’s been a finalist in the L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future contest and was the 2010 recipient of the CZP/Rannu Fund award for fiction.

His four-part urban fantasy series, The Spirit Winds Quartet, is published by IFWG Publishing.

Larry is a member of the Pittsburgh SF group Parsec, the writing/critique group WorD, Pennwriters, the Mindful Writers East and North, and the Taoist Tai Chi Society of the USA. He lives in Coraopolis, PA with his beautiful, multi-talented wife Martha and wonder cat Milo.

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  1. Thank you, Gerry, and thanks to everyone at IFWG Publishing!

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