TOC reveal: Killer Creatures Down Under: Horror Stories with Bite

IFWG is very pleased indeed to reveal the Table of Contents of our 2023 horror anthology, Killer Creatures Down Under: Horror Stories with Bite, edited by Deborah Sheldon. Congratulations to the authors who were selected for publication – it was a very competitive open call-out.

The authors/short stories that will be included in the anthology (in alphabetic order) are:

Geraldine Borella, ‘No Frills Holiday’
Tim Borella, ‘Nineteen Hours on Deep Creek Station’
Renee De Visser, ‘Twisted’
Anthony Ferguson, ‘Bait’
Jason Fischer, ‘Milk and Honey’
Fox Claret Hill, ‘The Best Omelette in Australia’
Robert Mammone, ‘The Seaside’
Ben Matthews, ‘Ixodes Holocyclus’
J.M. Merryt, ‘Myiasis’
Helena O’Connor, ‘Quoll Season’
Steven Paulsen, ‘The Warrigals’
Antoinette Rydyr, ‘Every Part of Her’
Deborah Sheldon, ‘Species Endangered’
Charles Spiteri, ‘A Pack Apart’
H.K. Stubbs, ‘Boyfriend Material’
Matt Tighe, ‘There are Things on Me’
Keith Williams, ‘Corvus’
Pauline Yates, ‘Hell Gully’

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