Preorder Offer: Almost Human: A Collection of Short Stories by Nathan Burrage

IFWG is looking forward to the release of Nathan Burrage’s Almost Human collection on 1 September 2022. To celebrate this upcoming title, we are pleased to offer a preorder price with free shipping for this novel for anyone in the world(*). This offer will cease on 15 August 2022.

Click the following link to preorder the title:


Humanity: are we really capable of change? Or are we doomed to play out the same Acts over and again, where only the props and backdrops vary?

In this collection, you’ll encounter stories set in the near future where neuroscience and technology are used to rehabilitate convicted criminals with unexpected results. In the icy winter of a distant Transylvania, a struggle for freedom from Ottoman oppression unfolds. In the present, one man struggles to accept his failed marriage. A pair of cursed lovers live out multiple incarnations, doomed to always find one another, yet never be together. And when a mythical figure walks amongst us, his notes in the margins of history take shape.

The past, present and future blur when we consider what it is to be Almost Human.

(*) Some more obscure geographies might be problematic – in these situations we will provide full refunds.

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