New Acquisition: The Irrawene Chronicles series by Rebecca Fraser

IFWG Publishing has two major lines of literature to its brand: adult speculative fiction, particularly on the darker side, and middle grade fiction, mostly for the 12 to 14 year age spread. We have had a long and award-laden record in middle grade fiction, such as the American Library Association Belpre Honor novel, The Smoking Mirror by David Bowles, the Zeke Hailey science fiction series by UK author Ian C Douglas, the Brumbies series by Paula Boer, and the Guardians of St Giles series by Jeffery E Doherty. And many more.

In fact, a few years back we published a wonderful stand-alone middle grade novel set in a nondescript seaside town reminiscent of so many in Australia, titled Curtis Creed and the Lore of the Ocean, by Rebecca Fraser. We loved her middle grade novel, as we are equally drawn to her dark and brooding adult fiction, and so it is a delight to announce the acquisition of her three-book young teen fantasy series, The Irrawene Chronicles, with the first novel coming out late in 2023, Jonty’s Unicorn.

Jonty’s Unicorn is described by Fraser as “Racing Stripes meets The Brothers Grimm“, which we can’t argue with—it is a pager-turner, and full of excitement, adventure and humour. It has witches, unicorns, magical potions and intrigue. It also has heart. We believe that middle graders of all ages will thoroughly enjoy the adventures of Jonty, as she faces many challenges, both within herself, and the world around her.

Rebecca Fraser is an award-winning Melbourne-based author who writes genre-mashing fiction for children and adults. Her work has won, been shortlisted for, and honourably mentioned for numerous awards and prizes. Rebecca’s publications include over sixty short stories, poems, and articles in numerous Australian and international anthologies, journals, and magazines. Her longer works include a middle grade fantasy adventure Curtis Creed and the Lore of the Ocean, and a collection of dark fiction Coralesque and Other Tales to Disturb and Distract.

Fraser holds a MA in Creative Writing, and a Certificate of Publishing (Copy Editing & Proofreading). To provide her muse with life’s essentials Rebecca copywrites and edits in a freelance capacity and operates StoryCraft Creative Writing Workshops…however her true passion is storytelling.

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