News: Brumbies Series, Second Edition

IFWG Publishing is pleased to announce the release of Paula Boer‘s five-volume Brumbies series in it’s second edition. We have been excited since the very first volume’s release in 2013, recognising a great series catering for young teens who love horses and Australian bush adventures. With this in mind, we have decided to rerelease it in a format more affordable for young buyers. This meant some tweaking in internal formats, but more importantly, the withdrawal of Rowena Evans’ wonderful illustrations (we thank Rowena for her contribution over a number of years in the first edition series).

The second edition will be released 1 March 2018 and will be available for sale throughout Australia, UK, Europe and New Zealand. This edition will be available to North American readers in coming months.

The series consists of:
Brumbies in the Snow
Brumbies in the Mist
Brumbies in the Outback
Brumbies in the Mountains

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  1. paulaboer says:

    Reblogged this on Brumbies and commented:
    Very exciting news!

    1. Congratulations, Paula.

      1. paulaboer says:

        Thanks Gerry! I’m looking forward to adding the new editions to my bookshelf.

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