New Release: Intimations of Evil by Cary J. Lenehan

It is with great pleasure that we announce the release of Intimations of Evil, book 1 of the Warriors of Vhast series. This is Cary J. Lenehan‘s debut novel, and a feast of epic fantasy.

Cary is a resident of Tasmania and will soon be book signing in the official release in Hobart – stay tuned!

The artwork is by Catherine Archer-Wills, and the cover design is by Elizabeth Lang.


The title will soon be available through all good online book and ebook stores, but right now you can order it through our website.


From every direction nine individuals of varied races and walks of life are drawn to the village of Evilhalt on the shores of Lake Erave. A foundling, a princess; a huntress and secret policeman; a shepherd and a huntress; a tribesman and a Battle Mage.; a Ghazi…

As they journey each faces trials beyond those of normal travellers. On arrival they meet a local leatherworker and militiaman, Stefan, who just wants more of life than what seems to be offered to him. They uncover deep, dark mysteries which hints of greater evil. Together, and for a mix of reasons, they set off to face their destiny.

Intimations of Evil is the first book of a series that sees worlds reshaped and myths confounded in a far-flung fantasy adventure.

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